We must cancel the 2021 Johnson City Jazz Festival

"It is with regret that we must cancel the 2021 Johnson City Jazz Festival. While the situation is improving, many people would still be at risk in March, and the safety of our performers, staff, and audience comes first. We have again invited all the scheduled performers to play in 2022. Stay safe and stay tuned for other jazz events later this year!"

Organizers of the Johnson City Jazz Festival announced today that they have made the decision to cancel this year’s Festival scheduled for the last weekend in March. “While we are encouraged that the nation and our area is making progress against this virus, we are still not out of the woods,” noted Steve Scheu, one of the founders. “We just felt that for the health and safety of everyone involved - the musicians, the Carnegie staff, and most importantly, the attendees - the best thing to do would be to cancel the event for 2021.” Musical Director Bill Perkins noted he has contacted all the musicians scheduled for the event, and while they are very disheartened not to play for the enthusiastic Johnson City audience, they understand the decision and look forward to the opportunity to play in future Festivals.

Organizers noted that while we are disappointed that this is the best route to take for this year’s event, we want to make sure fans know we are already diligently working on the 2022 Festival. We appreciate everybody who has supported past Festivals and helped bring this great musical genre to our community. We hope you are looking to the next Festival in 2022 as much as we are.

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We wish everyone a safe and healthy 2021.